Version 4 LDAP particulars?

paul kölle paul at
Sun Jan 30 00:47:54 GMT 2005

Stefan (metze) Metzmacher wrote:
> And I said that we first only care about our own ldb and make the samba4 
> code handle all
> involved protocolls (SAMR, NETLOGON, DRSUAPI, LDAP...) correct.
That is to say: Implement those parts of LDAP the clients ask for, not a 
LDAPv3 server+extensions right?

> and when this is done and have the correct layout and an implementation 
> with good code
> like the smb server.
> then we'll try to find ways to make backward compatibility and upgrading 
> as easy as possible
I for one am not so concerned about migration or backward compatibility 
but what will be the result in terms of data storage. As a matter of 
fact, LDAP servers are now in use for many "auth like" services 
including but not limited to samba. If the samba LDAP server cannot 
store "foreign data" (custom schemas) many ppl will end up with at least 
two separate data stores which have to be syncronized/integrated to some 

Both proposed solutions, a LDAP server as backend for ldb or ldb as 
backend for a LDAP server are problematic or at least a lot of work and 
do not seem to be considered as a necessary part of samba4. It would be 
nice to have a rough outline how a samba3+ldap+heimdal[ldap backend] 
scenario looks like in a samba4 setup.


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