memory overhead and embedded Samba

charles n wyble charles at
Fri Jan 28 16:46:48 GMT 2005

Andrew Tridgell wrote:
> Luke,
>  > There's another resource constraint issue for embedded systems:
>  > operating system/application disk space constraints.
> yep. 
> Samba4 uses a "all in some" daemon, currently called smbd. This
> includes the rpc server, the cifs server, the ldap server and will
> soon include the nbt server and the cldap server. For an embedded
> setup this will be the only binary that is needed. That will keep disk
> usage down a lot.

I agree.

> I think that what we should probably do for Samba4 is add a
> --embedded-system configure option. That will do the following:
>  - will enable only the "single" process model
>  - will not use fork() anywhere
>  - will make some of the default internal cache sizes smaller
	I would like to do this project. I think its a good thing to get my 
feet wet with samba4 development. I will take notes and stuff and have 
something for my first samba happenings writeup Feb 12 :)

> We might even consider an option to get rid of the byte range locking
> routines completely. For a purely embedded setup calling fcntl byte
> range locks is pointless as there is only one process, and it can
> never lock against itself. This could be a considerable performance
> gain, and might even be a gain on larger single CPU systems. The
> downside would be that external tools that directly manipulate the
> databases would be unsafe, but I don't expect those would be used in
> embedded systems anyway.
	I agree. I would imagine it would be mostly LDAP stuff.

>  > Side note: I find it interesting that Samba 3 uses an "automatic"
>  > method to keep prototypes in sync, yet uses manually maintained
>  > object dependency lists.
> yes, it does. Now that we have split up the includes in Samba4 it
> starts to make sense to do automatic build dependency checking (in
> particular header dependency checking). We just need someone to go to
> the trouble of adding this to the build system.
	I can tackle that too if you wish. Again this seems like a fairly 
simple task to tackle, and a good project to get my feet wet with. Plus 
I need the embedded system experience.
> Cheers, Tridge


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