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Fri Jan 28 16:58:05 GMT 2005

Hi Jerry,

the small changes I promised to send:

On Wed, Jan 26, 2005 at 09:46:21PM +0000, Gerald (Jerry) Carter wrote:
> Modified: branches/SAMBA_3_0_RELEASE/WHATSNEW.txt
> ===================================================================
> --- branches/SAMBA_3_0_RELEASE/WHATSNEW.txt	2005-01-26 21:06:48 UTC (rev 5021)
> +++ branches/SAMBA_3_0_RELEASE/WHATSNEW.txt	2005-01-26 21:46:21 UTC (rev 5022)


> +Administrator Domain SID
> +------------------------
> +
> +Please note that when configured as a DC, it is now required 
> +that an account in the server's passdb backend be set to the 
> +domain SID of the default Administrator account.  To obtain the 
> +domain SID on a Samba DC, run the following command:
> +
> +root# net getlocalsid
> +SID for domain FOO is: S-1-5-21-4294955119-3368514841-2087710299
> +
> +You may then assign the Domain Administrator rid to an account 
> +via pdbedit:
> +
> +root# pdbedit -U S-1-5-21-4294955119-3368514841-2087710299-500 \
> +-u root -r

As admins with pdb_smbpasswd won't be able to do that, I'm reverting that
change, just giving up the admin-list return. After thinking over it
again, I believe we shouldn't leave Administrator unmapped.
This whole block can then be deleted from WHATSNEW.TXT

> +LDAP Changes
> +------------
> +If "ldap user suffix" or "ldap machine suffix" are defined in
> +smb.conf, all user-accounts must reside below the user suffix,
> +and all machine trust-accounts must be located below the machine

and all machine or interdomain trust-accounts...

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