target servername in RPC calls

Marcin Porwit mporwit at
Mon Jan 24 23:01:33 GMT 2005

We want to add a new variable that represents the dynamic "target servername" of certain operations, like net_srv_get_info, where the value, let's say %l, is derived from the target servername passed in during the actual RPC (or SMB request), as opposed to that target name derived from the NetBIOS connection (which one doesn't necessarily have when using port 445 vs 139);

This potential substitution variable could be applied to the strings returned by functions like NetrShareEnum, NetrServerGetInfo, TreeConnectAndXRequest (these are the Ethereal dump names, what they are internally is another thing). and a bunch of others.  that come over port 445 (versus those that come over port 139).  

This would enable the same functionality for deriving share names (through substitution) on the fly as one gets on Port 139, but over port 445-only connections.

Is there any variable that exists in Samba today that does this, and if not, if we did this work, would this have acceptance and applicability to the entire project?
Marcin Porwit
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