trust account pw code in trunk

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at
Mon Jan 24 22:48:23 GMT 2005

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Rafal Szczesniak wrote:

|> I hate to say this, but I can't work with net rpc vampire
|> in trunk because of the trust pw changes.  It is impossible
|> to join a domain using rpc_join_oldstyle().
| Really ? It shouldn't make any difference. I'll have a look.

Its pretty obviously not been tested there though.  The
problem is that trust_pw_change_and_store_it() has to find
the entry for the trust account before it will try to store it.
SO it will never work for a new trust.

|> Are you ok with this ?
| My heart is bleeding about the code ;)  but go ahead
| if we want to simplify this solution. And we do want
| to simplify it...

Yeah I know how it is.  Happens to all of us.  I'll see what
I can do to get things in working shape.  Thanks for taking
a stab at it.

cheers, jerry
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