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Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at
Mon Jan 24 18:22:31 GMT 2005

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Guenther Deschner wrote:
| Hi Jerry,
| On Mon, Jan 24, 2005 at 11:55:22AM -0600, Gerald (Jerry) Carter wrote:
|>| Migrate Account Policies to passdb (esp. replicating ldapsam).
|>~From an LDAP data model wouldn't it just be better to store these
|>as attributes in the sambaDomain object instead of giving each
|>its own entry ?
| Yes, that's true. Volker proposed a multivalued
| attribute for that as well. But I wanted to include
| some descriptive string (description-attribute) into
| ldap to prevent admins from 'just playing' with
| the accountPolicy settings. I thought these were
| a bit difficult to integrate all in the sambaDomain object.

Since we have a small list of acocunt policies and I
can't see that growing to huge amounts, I was thinking
of just having an attribute per policy included the
sambaDomain object.  The descriptive string for each
policy should be hard-coded in smbd IMO.

btw...would you mind if we did not include this in 3.0.11?
But a later release?  Once it makes it into the release,
we have to live with it (and worry about interface changes).
And I'm just not 100% convinced that this is the final
destination yet.

cheers, jerry
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