Samba - CPU and memory usage - Proposed solution(?)

Nikos Balkanas nbalk at
Mon Jan 24 07:21:27 GMT 2005

Andy (Bartlett):

> Niko:

>> Thanks for the fast reply. I don't know why, your reply reached me as an
>> attachment.

>This is due to the use of PGP/MIME. Some mail programs show this
>incorrectly as an attachment.

Would it be possible to disable it? I am using Oulook express and it creates
me a lot of problems. I have to copy each message by hand, line by line.

>> Can one also disable browsing and wildcard matching per directory? If
>> this is not done, security is compromised. Furthermore, only half the
>> performance boost is realized, since any time a CRM agent will try to
>> save a bill to his own PC, Windows opens as default saving directory
>> the source directory, killing the server in the process (and the PC).

>This is the usual application of removing the 'read' bit from the unix
>permissions on a directory. I'm not sure how well Samba works on this,
>but it would be a really good goal, as it should be about the same as
>the 'case sensitive = yes' path.

No. The application (client for samba) still has to have full
write/modify/delete on files.

>> The changes I have done result to a somehow "illegal" filesystem. If you
>> do a "dir" or open a window on it, they both come up empty and return
>> immediately. If, however, you do a "dir filename.txt" and the file
>> exists, it will be displayed - only that file. Siebel has a very
>> machinelike naming of the files, so little chance an average CRM
>> user can guess it - unless has access to the database. This is not much,
>> but guards against accidental deletion and is as much security as
>> can be given from the filesystem - anything more must be given through
>> the application.

> I actually have a similar problem at my site, so I'm interested in
> seeing if we can make this work.

Well, as I mentioned this is done in my patch and already working for ~1 yr
without a hitch. Catch: it is based on 2.2.22. Do you want it?



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