WinXP 'long name' domain join to Samba4

Andrew Tridgell tridge at
Fri Jan 21 07:47:29 GMT 2005


 > On the basis of the hard work of those on the Samba4 project, and in
 > particular metze, I am pleased to note that WinXP now performs a domain
 > join to Samba, using the 'long name', ie the DNS name of the domain.

congratulations to everyone involved! This is a big milestone.

In other news from today, I committed a new libcli/nbt/ client side
NBT library. I will shortly be removing all remnants of the old "nmb"
library code, which is some of the oldest and cruftiest code in
Samba. I am certainly glad to finally get rid of it.

The new NBT library sports all the usual Samba4 features:

 - based on IDL, so large parts are auto-generated
 - fully async
 - supports all protocol elements
 - easy to use interface

I expect this will also make a good basis for the new nbt server that
will replace nmbd in Samba4.

Cheers, Tridge

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