Export cd's without mounting them. samba vfs module using gnu's libcdio

Dan Sturtevant sturtx at gmail.com
Wed Jan 19 18:57:34 GMT 2005


We have begun implementing a samba vfs module that uses libcdio to
export cd's over samba.  This removes the need to mount the cd's
before they are exported.  It also gives us the potential to directly
export music tracks (although this isn't
implemented yet.)

The code works, but needs a fair amount of fixup, optimization, and
leak tracking.

A first pass at this code and instructions can be downloaded at:

Major things left to do are:
1 Detect when the drive has been opened and respond appropriately by cleaning up
  memory and informing windows of a media change.
2 Fix how we keep track of dirent structures and file descriptors. 
Currently it's a hack,
  but it works (at least on x86 boxes).
3 Get other things besides ISO's working such as music tracks, etc.
- etc.

We're not sure of the best way to go about doing 1 & 2.  If anyone
tests this out and looks at the code please give us feedback.  Let us
know if it works for you or if you have any trouble.

Dan Sturtevant & Chris Lalancette

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