Port Samba to VxWorks

John E. Malmberg wb8tyw at qsl.net
Wed Jan 19 03:54:51 GMT 2005

Andreas Löttner wrote:
> Hello
> I try to port the linux Samba to VxWorks. I need this to connect a Windows
> PC to a Control System under VxWorks. I dont need the special features like
> LDAP or ADS and so on, only the basics (copy files, open files, basic
> security features).
> The Server should be able to deal with a few Windows NT/2000/XP clients.
> The big problem is that the original samba source uses a fork() command,
> which is not available under VxWorks. There you can only create tasks. 
> It would be a great advantage if someone has already tried to port samba to
> vxworks and what strategy could be used.

OpenVMS does not have a fork() call either.  The techniques for porting 
the 2.x versions should also work for the 3.x. stream.

The 2.2.8 port can be found the links from the SAMBA.ORG site, and the 
2.2.12. source kit can be found at http://encompasserve.org/~malmberg/samba/

There is a 2.0.6 port on the OpenVMS Freeware CD-ROM images that can be 
found on a link from http://www.hp.com/go/openvms/freeware/ in the 5.0 

While the port it self is out of date, it shows how to use macros in the 
makefile and the config.h file to make the needed platform specific 
changes to port SAMBA with out actually having to edit the modules that 
the behavior needs changing.  In this case the behavior of the fork() 
call is handled by the macros.

SAMBA has also shown to be dependent on behaviors of the UNIX file 
system that are not documented in the Single UNIX specification, and 
this has required special handling in doing the port.  I tried to 
document such issues in the 2.2.12 source kit.

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