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|> As Andrew Bartlett mentioned a few posts back, I've tried to round up
|> someone to watch the mailing list or IRC channel a couple of times
|> before,
|> with the intention of running a weekly "Here's-what's-happening-in-Samba"
|> column on I realize you're watching this to gain
|> info for developer docs, but would you be willing to write up such an
|> account of the week's IRC happenings for our news site?
| With pleasure.

Excellent!  What day of the week would you like to send the write-ups to
me?  I'll run them whatever day you send them, so probably Friday or
Saturday is the best (as a look back over the past week).  But I'm
flexible with what works best for you.  All I ask is that we try to
stick to the same day of the week, so readers can come to expect the
weekly summary on a certain day.  Cheers,


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