Port Samba to VxWorks

"Andreas Löttner" loettner at gmx.at
Tue Jan 18 14:39:23 GMT 2005

Thanks for the Information

Andrew Bartlett wrote:

> If you can't fork(), then perhaps you could take on a Samba4 port. 
> Assuming that VxWorks has an otherwise reasonable posix implementation, 
> then Samba4 is a better chance than anything else, as it has a single
> process modal that is designed not to fork().

I read further Information about samba4 (especially the process models).
Also i browsed through the CVS source and found the different options for
the process models. I think the single process for all clients could be a
possible option for the port to vxworks.

Is there a release date for a stable (or almost stable) version of samba4? I
only need basic features.

Andreas Loettner

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