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I have a printing system problem on samba. I debuged auto install printer driver
and download function from Windows APW. 
I confirmed the problem that the Windows client asked our samba server
by DCERPC request (opnum 26 ChangeID) packet unlimitedly. 
It is issued by the following procedures. 

1) Upload XP/2000 support printer driver to samba server from Windows XP Client.
2) Then download the printer driver from samba server to Windows Client.
3) And, the property of the printer is opened twice. 

First time printer property can be opened. But second time it cannot be
When the OK button on the printer property is pushed after I open the
printer property, "Read and X packet" is issued from the Windows XP
client. ChangeID is changed when the printer property is opened again at
the time of that, and ChangeID packet issue infinitely.  
After "Read and X" packet finished flowing it, the printer property can
be opened. 

I think that I should not change the value of ChangeID when the client
issues "Read and X". 

[System requirements]
Samba           3.0.10
Kernel          2.4.19
printer driver  Lexmark T630
Windows client  Windows XP Proffesional Service Pack 1

I constructed samba by the cross compile on suse 9.1 professional.
Object CPU is mips64(tx4927). This system doesn't have RTC.

I read SAMBA Developers Guid in 30th september 2004.
There is "ChangeID and Client Caching of Printer Information." in Chapter 18.
However, it is "To be fill in later. ".  Can I learn this Chapter ?

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