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Tim Potter tpot at
Sun Jan 16 01:10:33 GMT 2005

On Fri, 2005-01-14 at 14:16 -0800, Charles N Wyble wrote:

>     I have been following the samba technical list for a while (few 
> months) now and have a suggestion. I see quite a few good tidbits every 
> couple days on various portions of the code and good solid discussion 
> quite  a bit on various samba aspects. I would like to propose 
> documenting these items.  It is a shame to have to read the archives and 
> pick out the gems. I enjoy doing it but then thats me :) I imagine most 
> people don't have the time or motivation to do that. I am more then 
> willing to help with the documentation and possibly lead the project. 
> One caveat ..... I am fairly new to samba and so may have a lot of 
> questions bout various aspects of it that I would want to explain in the 
> documentation.  If you can put up with my questions and comments I would 
> be happy to lead this project.

Hi Charles.  Sounds like a good idea if we can figure out what format to
store all the information in.  If it's developer documentation, there is
a start to a Developer's Guide in the samba-docs repository but I'm not
sure how recently it was updated.  Tridge has written a document called
prog-guide.txt in Samba 4 which might be good to take a look at.

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