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Tony Earnshaw tonye at billy.demon.nl
Sat Jan 15 18:27:04 GMT 2005


First off: I'm a green Samba (Norwegian-Dutch) techie, good at other
things on *n*x (solve my own problems, keep my mouth mostly shut)

I'm an Openldap (2.2.20 self-compiled source) person. Also, RH RHAS3
sysadmin; Samba 3 source code SIGSEGVs on my RHAS3 test server, Red Hat's
3.0.7 doesn't, so I use Red Hat's 3.0,7,

After more than a (couple or three) year's Postfix, Courier, Openldap
experience, Wietse Venema got my 2004 prize (I told him so) for top
software of anywhere. Looks like Samba's going to get it this year.
Samba's awësome, Mind you, Openldap 2.2.x, etc is also wicked.

Anyway, is this the right forum to put (stupid) Samba 3.0 LDAP questions,
or is there a better forum? I wrote a tiny, crappy LDAP Samba 3.0.7
already-existing *n*x-user user-add script that works O.K., but I'm sure
it could be done far better ...

Thanks, crew, for Samba. Unbelievable (at least, if you're Bill Gates &
Crew) software.

mail: tonye at billy.demon.nl

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