libsmbclient smbc_lseek works wrong?

RandoMan randoman at
Wed Jan 12 19:32:15 GMT 2005

Hello, Jelmer.

JV> On Wed, Jan 12, 2005 at 07:18:36PM +0600, RandoMan wrote
JV> about 'libsmbclient smbc_lseek works wrong?':
>> As far as I understand, the call of smbc_lseek() should set the
>> current position of file and return the resulting position in the
>> file. I trying to use following code:

>> int sfd=smbc_open(filename,O_RDONLY,0644);
>> off_t cur_pos=smbc_lseek(sfd,start,SEEK_SET);

>> and cur_pos sets to zero.
>> The file I tried to open exists, and has length 43 bytes, the
>> following smbc_read lists the content of this file, but smbc_lseek
>> doesn't  set the position to read.
>> What I do wrong? :-/

JV> Make sure you compile your application with the same flags as 
JV> Samba was compiled. off_t is different in size when compiled with 64
JV> bit support enabled.

JV> Cheers,

JV> Jelmer

Yes, you are right. I've define off_t as long long for a test and
all works fine. Now let's see how to do it in right way :)

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