Excel Problem with files on Samba

Thomas Mieslinger Thomas.Mieslinger at gls-itservices.com
Tue Jan 11 07:35:08 GMT 2005


you remember the Problem of richard sharp on dec 21?

> We have come across a problem with Excel 2003 and Samba 3.0.x where, when
> saving an existing file, you get the following dialog box up:
>  ! The file '<filename>' may have been changed by another user
>    since you last saved it. In that case, what do you want to
>    do?

The Problem behind that is lsass hotfix 885835. With it every excel
(2k,xp,2k3) complains. My Samba box has Samba 3.0.10 installed. Using veto
oplocks is not an option. Is that fix really integrated in 3.0.10?

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