IMHO: Winbind in Samba4 (Was: winbind in samba4?)

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Gémes Géza schrieb:
| Simo Sorce írta:
|> On Fri, 2005-01-07 at 00:37 +0100, Volker Lendecke wrote:
|>> On Thu, Jan 06, 2005 at 05:36:31PM -0600, Gerald (Jerry) Carter wrote:
|>>> My gut feeling is that this is a bad idea since people do
|>>> run winbindd without smbd at all (e.g. linux desktop
|>>> clients, squid servers, etc...)  But since I'm not working
|>>> on Samba 4, I could be off base.
|>> Just say 'server service = winbind' only....
|> Volker you can just refuse to make winbind work if not in single
|> process.
|> If you launch samba4 with the standard model then all you need is to
|> launch another instance of smbd with 'server service = winbind' and
|> single process model.
|> Simo.
| I think, that winbind in Samba4 is not as important, as it was in
| Samba3, this are the points on which I base my opinion:
| -Samba4 is/will be implementing the AD server code
| -Samba4 will implement in the LDAP server also posix attributes

BTW: who has said that?

| -Samba4 is/will be working together with the Heimdal Kerberos implemetation
| -Posix users/application can authenticate, get account, and
| authorization information from Heimdal+Samba4 LDAP Server
| -Samba3 has an acceptable winbind solution for the short term
| -Winbind would be needed just in case, when there are no Samba4 AD
| servers at all.
| So IMHO winbind is a nice thing, but not very urgent in the Samba4
| development.

I think winbind is very important for samba4 because it will be act as proxy for
rpc communication with trusted domains dc's

and for a member server/workstation the primary domain is also just a simple trusted domain

| I think the most urgent things are:
| -Samba4 LDAP Server
| -DRSUAPI replication
| -LDB rewriting (with the new talloc code)
| -Heimdal integration (read-write ldb backend, more PAC testing)
| Regards,
| Geza

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