Again: delete printer does not work

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at
Thu Jan 6 15:20:09 GMT 2005

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Martin Zielinski wrote:
> That are good news!

Rob's patch is in the latest Samba 3.0 tree (post 3.0.11pre1
though).  And I have some cups add print commands that were
sent in as a patch I'll be checking in as well.

> Just as a suggestion: I'm working on a driver installer for samba. The
> method is, to install a remote and a local printer with the driver
> (currently using the rundll32 commands), copy the local registry plus
> the magic _p_f_a_n_t_0_m_ key and delete the printers afterwards. This
> should fix several problems with missing registry entries like the
> SPLUserModePrinterDriver-key or the Default Devicemode. For this purpose
> it is not needed to create a printer in the underlying printing
> subsystem (e.g. cups). I think, it would be a good thing to have the
> possibility, to create a temporary printer object without the need for
> an "addprinter command". Usually this command is obsolete, because the
> command does not receive a valid device uri (in case of cups) for the
> new printer.

The add printer command doesn't have to create a real printer.
The mimimun requirement is a smb.conf service.  You could have
you add printer script perform different actions based on the
printer name.  For example, something like 'tmp_xxx' would be a temporary
printer service and 'xxxxx' would be a real printer.

cheers, jerry
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