debugging pdb backends

Paul Griffith paulg at
Thu Jan 6 13:44:56 GMT 2005


I am testing Samba 3.0.10 with the pdb_test backend. I was able to
compile the backend but using pdbedit. 

./pdbedit -s /usr/local/samba3/lib/smb.conf
No builtin backend found, trying to load plugin
Module '/usr/local/samba3/lib/pdb/' loaded
Plugin is available, but doesn't register passdb backend pdb_test
Loading pdb_test failed!

I notice in the pdb_test example (example/pdb/pdb_test.c) it uses
init_module to register the backend. I does Samba know  to call
init_module to register the backend module?

Any pointers or HOWTO on backends out there?


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