WINS replication status

Artemiev Igor ai at
Wed Jan 5 20:48:10 GMT 2005

WINS replication have absolutely deserted? I have 
some patches to wrepld and nmbd, all works perfectly
for me, however there is one small problem with 0x1c
names - WINS server on NT4.0 SP6a(act as PDC, samba 
3.0.10 - BDC) falls(Access Violation) at attempt 
replicate such record with multiple ip. During this 
time, replication problems is not present  with 
multihomed records and others special groups with 
After restart, WINS Manager on NT shows dummy address in addition to valid WINS partners. 0x1C has 
still something, except for as DC group? Somebody can 
share the documentation or advice?

iprefetch ai

P.S. Sorry fo my English

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