FAT, NTFS, CIFS and DOS attributes

Nicholas Miell nmiell at comcast.net
Wed Jan 5 01:12:50 GMT 2005

On Tue, 2005-01-04 at 16:48 -0800, Nicholas Miell wrote:

> [ Note to audience: the following is a long (and largely irrelevant to
> the subject) discussion of how NTFS could implement reparse points and
> encryption on Linux. Feel free to ignore it. ]

Sorry for the reply to my own message, but I forget to mention in the
original that the right thing to do for the Encrypted and Reparse bits
may be just be to silently discard them and not support the manipulation
of these rather esoteric NTFS features through a general API at all.

Nicholas Miell <nmiell at comcast.net>

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