[Linux-NTFS-Dev] Re: FAT, NTFS, CIFS and DOS attributes

Szakacsits Szabolcs szaka at sienet.hu
Tue Jan 4 22:24:00 GMT 2005

On Tue, 4 Jan 2005 tridge at samba.org wrote:

> you need more than one byte for DOS attrib. These are the bits Samba4
> defines:
> /* FileAttributes (search attributes) field */
 [ ... ]
> #define FILE_ATTRIBUTE_SPARSE		0x0200
 [ ... ]
 [ ... ] 
> while most apps don't care about the bits beyond 0xFF at the moment, I
> think that might change, especially for win32 clients accessing linux
> filesystems via wine and Samba.

Setting the above two attributes from a Linux client accessing NTFS via
cifsfs pops up more often too. One scenario would be

  ntfsclone --fs-compression --output /mnt/cifsfs/backup.img /dev/foo

and the transparently compressed backup.img should be loopback mountable
by whatever preferred NTFS driver for whatever reason.


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