IP address in log messages vs. a separate log file per IP

John H Terpstra jht at Samba.Org
Tue Jan 4 18:42:13 GMT 2005

On Tuesday 04 January 2005 11:28, John Gerth wrote:
> In the wake of moving over the last year from NT to Samba PDCs
> (both for my own group and helping other people), I've had to chase
> a number of annoying residual problems for which the samba debug
> log messages proved invaluable.  However, they would've been much
> more valuable several times if there had been an option to get
> the IP address included in the bracketed message header, e.g.
>     [2006/01/04 09:26:39, 1,] ....
> in order to be able to see where the request was being generated.

I would strongly object to such a modification as it will add needlessly to 
the already burgeoning volume of log information. As you show in the remained 
of your message that I cut for brevity, it is possible to collect log info 
per IP address using the %m and %M macros to the "log file" parameter. I 
believe this is the preferred method.

No offense is meant, but this modification just adds to the log noise level. 
That's a bad thing in my NSHO.

- John T.
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