graphical configuration tool.

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Mon Jan 3 23:11:37 GMT 2005

ok, 2 issues that have been reported with ico2sambaconf-0.8.0:

1: the program does not run due to a config file i forgot to remove,
simply delete settings.conf from the programs folder and it will run

2: the magic line that makes it run from bash as a script is missing,
to run the program you need to type wish smbthingy.tcl

both these issues will be fixed by the next release, but for now the
steps above should fix the probs.

any more issues or queries: please email me.

i enclose a copy of the origional message for convenience.


i have been working on a graphical configuration tool for samba, i
have pretty much finished the program which is written in tcl/tk.
however, i need people to test it and report bugs and features they
would like.

to use it you will need:
a unix type operating system: (it is designed for linux, but i am
interested to find if it is compatable with other OSs ie: unix, bsd,
samba: it should be compatable with most recent versions.
an xserver: this is a graphical program, so it requires an xserver.
a tcl/tk interpreter.

the program automatically makes restorable backups of the files it
edits and thus shouldn't destroy  everything, however until beta
testing is finished, i reccommend people to make backups of their
smb.conf and /etc/network/interfaces files manually.

the program should be untarred into /opt and the .tcl file run.

it can be downloaded here:

i welcome feedback, questions and suggestions, my email address is
ico2ico2 at

thanks to anyone who has taken the time to read this and/or try out my software.
ico2 :)

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