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Mon Jan 3 13:15:32 GMT 2005

ok, i was told by someone on the #samba irc channel to send this here.

i have been working on a graphical configuration tool for samba, i
have pretty much finished the program which is written in tcl/tk.
however, i need people to test it and report bugs and features they
would like.

to use it you will need:
a unix type operating system: (it is designed for linux, but i am
interested to find if it is compatable with other OSs ie: unix, bsd,
samba: it should be compatable with most recent versions.
an xserver: this is a graphical program, so it requires an xserver.
a tcl/tk interpreter.

the program automatically makes restorable backups of the files it
edits and thus shouldn't destroy  everything, however until beta
testing is finished, i reccommend people to make backups of their
smb.conf and /etc/network/interfaces files manually.

the program should be untarred into /opt and the .tcl file run.

it can be downloaded here:

i welcome feedback, questions and suggestions, my email address is
ico2ico2 at

thanks to anyone who has taken the time to read this and/or try out my software.
ico2 :)

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