[Samba] Regarding testsuites for protocol conformance

Andrew Bartlett abartlet at samba.org
Sun Jan 2 02:30:22 GMT 2005

On Thu, 2004-12-30 at 15:00 +0000, sujay lele wrote:
> We have made some changes in samba-3.0.7, as part of
> our graduation project. Are there any test suites
> which we could use to check the conformance of the
> changes,
> with the original samba specifications?

The 'samba specifications' is a difficult point to pin down - we try and
instead comply with the observed behaviour of Microsoft's current,
competing, products. 

> 	Also, with reference to your statement in  document
> tridge_cifs04_tutorial.pdf  , saying that inputs about
> test documents would be welcome, if the above
> mentioned suites are not available,then we would like
> to contribute in this regard. Please inform such the
> exact domains in which such contribution can be made.

Samba testing is performed by a utility called 'smbtorture', and as
tridge makes clear in his presentation, the version in Samba4 is
currently the reference for all Samba development, due to it's high
level of coverage across the entire protocol.  Note that Samba3 does not
pass many of these tests, which is why we are writing Samba4 in the
first place.

Once you check out and explore Samba4's smbtorture, you may be in a
position to extend it.  smbtorture is tested against Win2k3, as the
reference implementation - all tests must pass against Win2k3 to be
considered valid.  

What kind of areas have you built up an understanding of, and have made
changes to Samba 3.0 in?  Writing testsuites is a difficult, but very
worthwhile challenge in software development, and I look forward to any
useful contributions you can make to Samba in that way.

Andrew Bartlett

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