binding with groups > 16 on solaris ?

jg kickmuchfunk at
Sun Feb 27 00:59:01 GMT 2005

Running into a issue on Solaris 9 using samba 3.0.11.  I am unable to
bind as a user that has > 16 groups.  Many of the threads that I have
seen surrounding this discuss this problem on linux such as :
 which resulted in a patch @

I have looked at the 3.0.11 code and this patch is in
windbind_nss_linux.c and the winbind_nss_solaris.c does wrap that
call; however, it appears that I am always bound to the default on the
machine of 16 it seems as it does not work.  I cannot set NGROUPS_MAX
to 32 as that causes issues with NFS (tried and failed  - for
additional info see ) .

There is also this bug
and a patch, but it is unclear if this is my problem.

Anyone have any insight?  Thanks in advance,


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