Strange share - Please have a look

Michael Liebl diese-email-adresse-wird-nicht-gelesen at
Sat Feb 26 08:20:54 GMT 2005


The following behavior was tested from Windows and smbclient, with
different user-ids. Samba is PDC. Host is FC2. Tested with 3.0.4, 3.0.9
and 3.0.10. Tested with different 2.4 Kernels.

If I use this:

        comment                   = Projekte
        path                      = /var/smb/share/Projekte

I can write on the Share as expected. I have no problems with
permissions/ACLs etc..

If I use this instead:

        comment                   = Projekte
        path                      = /var/smb/share/Projekte
I can not write on the Share.

Has anyone any idea where to start searching *why* this is happening?
My post @ general list was unanswered.

Just to clarify, I just changed the case of the first letter.

Any help welcome! Thanks in advance!

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