OS don't have AF_LOCAL - in smbldap.c svn r5522

Doug VanLeuven roamdad at sonic.net
Sat Feb 26 00:35:18 GMT 2005

Hi Gerry,

Gerald (Jerry) Carter wrote:

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> Doug VanLeuven wrote:
> | Thanks.  That worked.  My file of diffs for AIX
> | to patch against the releases just keeps slowly growing :-)
> Got bug ID numbers ?  The only one I found was
>     https://bugzilla.samba.org/bug/1649

That's the only one I thought was critical.  I was getting core dumps on 
external load modules and undefined and unreferenced external symbols.
By the way, I think linux ought to have -Wl,--allow-shlib-undefined on 
the external load modules as well.

Bunch of housekeeping.
I got tired of manually editing Makefile to use libbigballofmud since 
it's coded linux specific, so I made it a static library.
I wanted to revert the dynamic load modules as well as the binaries.
I fixed up "-L ./lib" to "-L./lib" because it was blowing up my version 
of gcc.
AIX has a working ISO-8859-1 but it's called ISO8859-1.
winbindd seemed to need additional libraries and I didn't want to 
globally include them with an LDFLAGS override.
The python on my AIX doesn't understand "(null)" in strings.py for when 
I run the tests.

I use idmap_ad from Padl Software and rolled it into Makfile.in , but 
it's not mainstream although I think it's indespensible.

They aren't actually bugs in samba, are they?  No reason I should 
subject my worldview onto an audience.  I'm nobody really.  I actually 
admire you guys the same way I admire Kernighan & Ritchie.

Regards, Doug

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