[linux-cifs-client] Re: (no subject)

Henrik Nordstrom hno at squid-cache.org
Fri Feb 25 00:53:54 GMT 2005

On Fri, 25 Feb 2005, Andrew Bartlett wrote:

> While I've heard the full URI syntax reasons for this behaviour, it is
> still the point I find silliest in the SMB URI.

It is somewhat hard to make a sane URL scheme representing NT Domain 

\ in it's unencoded form is very bad to use within URL schemes due to the 
nature of this character (and also the small fact that the RFC mandates it 
must always be encoded)

/ can not be used easily due to it's already defined meaning..

On the other hand ; is commonly used in URL schemes as separators between 
the URL and optional specifiers, and using it for other purposes may be 

What would be least silly to me is to use user%2fdomain (%2f is \ in URL 
format), but it looks a bit ugly to the user to say the least. However, it 
would allow users to type \ when natural even if the scheme says it 
officially should be written as %2f.


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