patch samba3 bdc support

Richard Renard rrenard at
Wed Feb 23 11:01:47 GMT 2005

Hi list,

Here is a link to a patch that makes samba3 work as a bdc of a nt4 pdc.
this is a port to 3.0.11 of an old patch i made

i will update it as often as i can

currently it supports
adding & removing users and groups
should support renaming users

add the svcctl stuff to allow forcing replication from srvmgr.exe
clean up the patch, make a separate binary, for now it is incorporated 
in smbd (it should not since the replication is a client like operation)

- not clean
- things are printed on stdout
- nt bdc only gets the database that have changes, but when doing the 
same with samba, the pdc waits for something and i haven't figured out 
what, so the db_deltas is performed for the three dbs


Richard Renard
rrenard at

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