Samba Installation Issues - Urgent Help Needed Pleaseeee

=?euc-kr?B?wMy89sij?= suholee at
Tue Feb 22 05:19:11 GMT 2005

Hello Samba Tech Support Team,
Im Suho Lee from Korea and now working on a ERP project in india.

Is there any Issues with Samba on AIX Version 5.3 ?

Our Operation system is AIX V5.3 and we tried to
install various versions of (including 3.0.11) samba,
But we came across errors while installing as below.

- configure time
checking ability to build shared libraries... true
checking linker flags for shared libraries... -Wl,-bexpall,-bM:SRE,-bnoentry,-berok
checking compiler flags for position-independent code... -O2
checking whether building shared libraries actually works... cc: 1501-218 file shlib.po contains an incorrect file

- make time
Compiling passdb/machine_sid.c with -O2
Linking libsmbclient non-shared library bin/libsmbclient.a
Linking libsmbclient shared library bin/
cc: 1501-218 file libsmb/libsmbclient.po contains an incorrect file suffix
cc: 1501-218 file libsmb/libsmb_compat.po contains an incorrect file suffix

Please Help us in getting over this Issue. Our Project is getting delayed due to this Issue.
Thanks in Advance.

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