libsmblclient and closing connections?

Michael Thomas mike at
Thu Feb 17 17:36:45 GMT 2005


  Is there a way to close a connection that was created using 

  I have written an apache module that authenticates the user against 
the samba permissions of the dir/file being accessed. Everything works 
great, except that the samba connections to dot get closed when the http 
connection dies. This becomes a major problem after a while as all kinds 
of zombie connections are lying around. I see there are some cli_* type 
calls that might do the trick, but I was hoping to avoid having to learn 
any samba internals etc..

  I looked at the example code avilable and it appears that no close 
call is ever made, just an exit() when smbclient etc.. ends.

  Any tips/pointers greatly appreciated.



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