kernel support for open share modes

Michael B Allen mba2000 at
Tue Feb 15 23:44:04 GMT 2005

J. Bruce Fields said:
> The application in question is the kernel NFS daemon, which is *not*
> going to do all its filesystem I/O through Samba....

If you export the same filesystem through Samba and NFS, locking cannot
work without possibility for concurrency errors. This is because Samba
uses POSIX which is not suitable to implement a userspace network
filesystem that can coordiate with applications that do not use Samba as
their locking authority (ie. NFS).

David's suggestion is interesting though. You could modify Samba to
communicate with the NFS lock daemon while checking access control. Then
Samba and NFS will both be using the same locking authority. And because
that authority is the kernel it will also be suitable to coordinate access
for other applications that use the kernel as their locking authority.


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