Problam with configuring samba in my machine.

katraju jayanth kumar hijayanth at
Mon Feb 14 12:20:45 GMT 2005


Can any one help me in resolving the following errors,

 Machine has been installed with samba(3.0.10) in 5.7 sun 0S.

Problam is,

1. Able to see sun machine from windows network but when trying to access the sun machine,it is giving the following error message,Network path not found.

2. netbios-ns/udp server failing(looping),service terminated,constantly appearing in console.

3. Not able to configure the sun machine through http://localhost:901.
  Error message - Netscape error occured while netscape receiving the data,Try connecting again.

4. Not able to browse with sun machine with netscape - provide me steps to browse.

Attached is smb.conf file for more reference.

Thanks in Adavance for any kind of help.


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# Global parameters
workgroup = Fa 
security = Share
encrpt passwords = yes
update encrypted = yes
domain master = yes
guest account = yes
host allow = localhost 10.100.231. 10.100.230. interface_ipvmw
#host deny = All

#I want all the windows machine from 10.100.231.   and 10.100.230.  to access my sun machine.

What does the local host refers to?

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