ldb change in Samba4

Andrew Tridgell tridge at osdl.org
Mon Feb 14 00:01:02 GMT 2005

This is to warn people who have existing Samba4 installs (mostly
developers I'd expect) that the ldb dn key change I made yesterday
will have broken your installations, but in a way that is very easy to

The breakage happens because I changed the way we key on DNs in the
tdb backend to be more LDAP standards compliant. We now correctly
parse the DN and canonicalise each element of the DN according to its
properties (in particular whether it is case insensitive or not).

To fix your install, you need to edit your sam database and make any
change at all to the @ATTRIBUTES control record. For example:

  ldbedit -H prefix/private/sam.ldb dn=@ATTRIBUTES

then add:


When you save this, the ldb code will automatically walk the whole
database fixing it for the new dn keying.

Cheers, Tridge

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