Developing a VFS plugin for inhouse backup solution

Jeremy Allison jra at
Sun Feb 13 06:06:02 GMT 2005

On Sat, Feb 12, 2005 at 05:12:46PM -0800, Brian Gunlogson wrote:
> Inside my VFS SMB_VFS_OP_OPEN I want to store per-file data. The data needs to be accessible when
> SMB_VFS_OP_CLOSE is called. Where (in what structure) should per-file data be stored?

This is a bug in Samba really. We should have a "private" data pointer
available in the files_struct and the connection_struct for VFS use. I'll
fix this for 3.0.12.

> Also, what is the effect doing a lot of filesystem I/O inside of SMB_VFS_OP_CLOSE? Will the entire
> daemon hang until SMB_VFS_OP_CLOSE returns?



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