ntlmssp (no ntlm2) bind against NT4?

Volker Lendecke Volker.Lendecke at SerNet.DE
Sat Feb 12 14:53:59 GMT 2005


I wondered why I could not connect to nt4 using an ntlmssp bind with the samba3
rpc libs. Connecting to w2k3 using samba3 rpcclient ntlmssp sign&seal works
fine. So I tried the samba4 tests, setting 

ntlmssp_client:ntlm2 = False

in smb.conf. Then I get an error as well. Is this to be expected?

BTW, tridge, connecting to nt4 does not work by default. smbtorture sends a SYN
to port 445, gets a RST and then spins somewhere. Might be worth a quick look.

vlendec at delphin:~> smbtorture ncacn_np:NT4PDC[/pipe/lsarpc,sign,seal] RPC-LSA
Unknown parameter encountered: "client schannel"
Ignoring unknown parameter "client schannel"
Unknown parameter encountered: "winbind nested groups"
Ignoring unknown parameter "winbind nested groups"
Unknown parameter encountered: "enable privileges"
Ignoring unknown parameter "enable privileges"
Unknown parameter encountered: "idmap uid"
Ignoring unknown parameter "idmap uid"
Unknown parameter encountered: "idmap gid"
Ignoring unknown parameter "idmap gid"
Unknown parameter encountered: "ldap admin dn"
Ignoring unknown parameter "ldap admin dn"
Unknown parameter encountered: "ldap suffix"
Ignoring unknown parameter "ldap suffix"
Unknown parameter encountered: "debug pid"
Ignoring unknown parameter "debug pid"
Using seed 1108219819
Running RPC-LSA

testing OpenPolicy

testing OpenPolicy2
RPC-LSA took 0.029084 secs

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