ClearCase 6.0

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Probably best to take this to the samba-users or CCIUG lists, however
that being said, we've had a lot of success with both late 2.2.x
versions, and anything in the 3.0.x tree. 

I'd make the following recommendations:

1) Make sure you turn off oplocks.
2) Increase the number of MNODES on your clients.
3) Especially if you're on a routed network, or a network with >1ms ping
times, read
Actually, it's well worth a read anyway.
4) Look carefully at your build processes - in particular at least one
version (I forget which) of the CC make tools will support
multiprocessing builds on a single host - these can help a lot in build
times, purely because they keep the CPU busy. Do this early, because the
feature's of the different [x]make tools differ, and porting makefiles
is a pain.


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 we are using ClearCase 6.0 with IBM AIX 5.2. Do you know what is the
best ccomplied and tested  Samba version , if we need to install on IBM
AIX server for interop.

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