Problem with reading file from VFS and Windows

Simo Sorce idra at
Thu Feb 10 11:54:02 GMT 2005

On Thu, 2005-02-10 at 12:39 +0100, Marek Grac wrote:

> >>> Anyway reading from a non-open fd should just return an error.
> >>
> >> I remember that it occured when I was able to do some operations but I
> >> don't have several operations (pwrite?) rewritten so samba defaults where
> >> used. And because I have my own fd_table it crash.
> But I still think that when have my_fd_table[] it doesn't change fd_table 
> in samba. And when I use pread() on fd which is open in my_fd_table[] but 
> not in system fd_table then it should return error.

A) how do you know there isn't another file opened in the fd_table that
have the same id of the file opened in your own fd_table?

B) We just pass the call down to the system. It is the operating system
job to return an error if the fd is not really open, it's not a samba

C) You must implement your module as OPAQUE in your case. With type
opaque calls are not forwarded to the operating system but dies in your
module, as forwardnig them to the operating system just make no sense at


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