Local logons with AD Accounts

Pete Gomersall pete.gomersall at NAU.EDU
Tue Feb 8 17:17:21 GMT 2005

Hi there at samba-technical.
At NAU we are hoping to introduce computer labs that run, probably Fedora.
We are trying to configure these to authenticate against a Windows 2003
Active Directory.
We have read as much of the samba docs, how to's and examples and have got
authentication working (when logged on as local Fedora user) and we have
successfully joined the domain.

However what we really need is for a user with only a Windows AD user
account to be able to log on locally to the Fedora boxes and have their
local Fedora account built "on the fly". What we done so far does not allow
this to happen. One point to mention is that we have 40,000+ users in Active
The problem is we cannot seem to find any info on how to do this if it is
available. Can anyone point us in the right direction?

Pete Gomersall
MCSA Windows 2003, MCSE (Windows NT4,  2000 & 2003), MCDBA & MCT
Room 105 Geology Building
Room 102 Adel Mathematics Building
Northern Arizona University
Phone (928) 523 6877

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