Samba authentication against Novell eDirectory

schmieder, holger schmieder at
Sat Feb 5 17:43:38 GMT 2005

Hi all,

i'am trying to setup a samba 3.0.10 with ldap agains Novells-eDirectory.
Everything is working in to following way:
- implement all the samba and posix schematas into eDir-LDAP
- setup a domain in eDir-LDAP
- setup a primary group for samba
- customize the users with the samba and posix mandatory attributes.

So far so good. The Problem is, that samba is authentication against the
attribute sambaLMPassword. I can set that password with smbldap-passwd, but
so i have two different passwords stored in NDS. I like now to use the
original NDS-password and disable the sambaLMPassword-attribute.
I've played arround with pam an some settings in smb.conf but samba only
accepts this one attribute. 
I have configured pam's system-auth to use NDS-Password, this is working, i
can logon to linux with all my nds-accounts. But how can i say samba to do
the same like system-auth ?

Thanks for every good idea.


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