Samba on Cygwin?

Ryan Melville ryan_melville at
Fri Feb 4 16:53:07 GMT 2005

I'm trying to run some of the apps in source\bin (for example, smbtree)
under Cygwin.  Has anyone tried/accomplished this before?
The only build issue was that source\tests\fcntl_lock.c failed during
configure.  Seems that Cygwin doesn't support locking with fcntl()
(returns "not implemented").  So I faked that to get by configure and
the rest of the build worked fine (except some compiler warnings, which
I hope are normal).
Some things work.  For example, ./nmblookup "*" behaves as expected.
But what I really want to work does not...  I'm trying to use smbtree
but get no results.  Debug output shows failures to open files in
/user/local/samba/var/locks - most likely due to fcntl() failures.
So, if there is any information about using samba under Cygwin or anyone
has any tips about the above issue I would appreciate the help.

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