A bug maybe; Write list access to Read only share; security = share?

TAKAHASHI Motonobu monyo at home.monyo.com
Thu Feb 3 16:13:32 GMT 2005

Gerald (Jerry) Carter wrote:
>| Currently this behavior is different from the document,
>| that is why I think it's a bug.
>|> Basically, this one is really low on my priority since
>|> I would like to see people move away from security = share
>|> anyways.
>| I agree. So I wish the document will be updated.
>That I agree with.  I'll look into it.  To which document
>exactly are we referring?  If you can point me in the
>right direction, I'll look at cleaning it up.

I am referring smb.conf(5), simply adding to the last of write list,
read list and admin users description in smb.conf(5) like: 

  This parameter will not work with the security = share in Samba 3.0,
  this is by design.

That's enough I think.
TAKAHASHI, Motonobu (monyo)                    monyo at home.monyo.com

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