What is needed to address bug#1601, Excel and Powerpoint file timestamp changes?

David Pullman dpullman at cme.nist.gov
Thu Feb 3 14:38:03 GMT 2005

Gerald (Jerry) Carter wrote:
> ....not solaris again. :-\  You have that latest kernel patch cluster 
> for the secondary groups issues installed right ?  

I looked over the bugzilla and sunsolve that I could find on the 
secondary groups issue and it seems to apply only to Solaris using 
native LDAP for NIS.  We're still using regular old NIS, we only compile 
SAMBA with openldap to use security = ADS, and all groups and members 
are defined in NIS.

I had 112960-12 which is somewhat behind the current rev (22), so I'm 
going to apply the latest patch cluster before doing more testing.


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