What is needed to address bug#1601, Excel and Powerpoint file timestamp changes?

David Pullman dpullman at cme.nist.gov
Thu Feb 3 04:16:11 GMT 2005

Gerald (Jerry) Carter wrote:

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>On Wed, 2 Feb 2005, David Pullman wrote:
>>In any case I did note your responses to other reports and that it 
>>sounded like what we're seeing.  I started a build of 3.0.11pre2 this 
>>evening and will try that out first thing in the morning.  When we tried 
>>the cases with 3.0.11rc1, we couldn't run the tests because no one in 
>>the files group membership, besides the file owner, could open the file 
>>with write privilege even with file mode of 666.  
>Please let me know if this is really an issue with 3.0.11rc1 tomorrow.
>We're planning on releasing 3.0.11 final on Friday and this is the
>first report I've heard of something like you describe.
>You might also want to try the SAMBA_3_0_RELEASE branch which has a few 
>small updates since 3.0.11rc1 and is what will eventually become the final 
>Details on downloading source code via anonymous svn are at
>cheers, jerry
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I'll rerun everything again.  When I left work I had a build of pre2 
started as well as the 3_0 as of early this afternoon, something like 
3.0.12pre1 build 5179?


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