What is needed to address bug#1601, Excel and Powerpoint file timestamp changes?

David Pullman dpullman at cme.nist.gov
Wed Feb 2 22:06:43 GMT 2005

Andrew Bartlett wrote:
> On Wed, 2005-02-02 at 16:37 -0500, David Pullman wrote:
>>Bug# 1601 was created on 08/11/2004, and appended to by three other 
>>people besides the original submitter.  It is still in a "new" status. 
>>While it is difficult to say for sure (there are many different reports 
>>related to "timestamps"), this seems to have been reported several times 
>>in the past.
> Is this anything more than the need to set 'dos filetimes = yes'?
> (Which causes Samba to use root to override the posix restriction)
> Andrew Bartlett

I don't think so?  We have the default dos filetimes = no.  If I 
understand smb.conf(5), setting this to yes lets anyone besides the 
owner or root to change the timestamp.  The problem we're having that 
everyone besides the owner is changing the timestamp _now_, even with 
out that set to yes.  In other words, we already have too much time 
stamp change.

It seems from empirical testing that the timestamp is not "reverting" as 
it does on the W2K server tests when the file is closed with no changes.

Of course, with Windows it's hard to define what "no changes" means (ala 
the Word file switcheroo thing).  But what we mean by no changes is open 
  the file, look at it and then do a file close.  No edits.


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