infinite loop ijn tdb/tdb.c function tdb_next_lock

weick weick at
Wed Feb 2 13:11:15 GMT 2005


i had the problem that tdbbackup (and tdbdump) hangs in case of a 
corrupt printer.tdb file. This problem is in Samba 3.0.8 ans Samba 
3.0.10 on Linux and Solaris Server.
(This is a real problem, if you use tdbackup in your rc Scripts)
If someone needs the corrupt printer.tdb file, send an email to me. I 
dont want send Attachments to a mailinglist.

I've found, that tdbdump hangs in this loop, tlock->off is always 20774 
and never changes.

I've changed the code by inserting the following two lines after line 
1253 and tdbbackup works fine.
         if (tlock->off == lastoff) goto fail;
         lastoff = tlock->off;
But this code is used in smbd nmbd winbindd smbclient net smbspool 
testparm testprns smbstatus smbcontrol smbtree tdbbackup nmblookup 
pdbedit tdbdump tdbtool smbpasswd rpcclient smbcacls ntlm_auth 
smbcquotas and wbinfo.

I think, someone who understands samba code should fix the bug.

1240       /* Iterate through chain */
1241        while( tlock->off) {
1242               tdb_off current;
1243               if (rec_read(tdb, tlock->off, rec) == -1)
1244                       goto fail;
1245               if (!TDB_DEAD(rec)) {
1246                       /* Woohoo: we found one! */
1247                       if (lock_record(tdb, tlock->off) != 0)
1248                               goto fail;
1249                       return tlock->off;
1250               }
1251               /* Try to clean dead ones from old traverses */
1252               current = tlock->off;
1253               tlock->off = rec->next;
1254               if (!tdb->read_only &&
1255                    do_delete(tdb, current, rec) != 0)
1256                         goto fail;
1257       }


Gerhard Weick

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