NetBIOS names with embedded nul bytes.

Christopher R. Hertel crh at
Tue Feb 1 04:04:45 GMT 2005

I know I've seen this... somewhere...

I am looking for examples of NetBIOS names that have embedded nul bytes.  
I'm not talking about nul bytes as padding (as used on the wildcard name), 
but nul bytes in the *middle* of the decoded form of a NetBIOS name.

I've seen this before... somewhere.  I know I have.  I just don't know 

The hard part is that tools like nmblookup probably won't show the nul
byte because the nul byte is interpreted as a string terminator.  It's 
something you'd only notice if you're looking at packet captures or having 
trouble with unusual names (eg. NetBIOS names based on Unicode strings).

Curious to know if anyone else has seen this (and can show examples to 
Tridge for me).  :)

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